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Dental Care:Food That Strengthen Or Harm Our Teeth

It is obligatory for every person to Teeth also needs to stay healthy as our other parts of the body. While, eating it should be kept in my mind that the food we are eating is healthy for our gums or not. Dental care is as important as taking care of other parts of the body but many people neglect it. Not giving enough nutrition can make our teeth ugly and can cause many gum and teeth problems. Without dental care oral diseases occur which leads to unpleasant breath smell and unbearable pain.

Food that harms our teeth:

Many foods can cause plaque and many other serious issues. These foods also cause cavities which cause intolerable pain such as

Sour candies:

It is not surprising that sour candies are harmful to our teeth health. They contain many acids, which makes them tough to chew. They remain on our teeth for a longer time, causing plaque and cavities. Learn more about how certain foods impact dental health.


Bread is considered as the healthiest food but not in terms of mouth. When we eat bread the saliva with the help of amylase enzyme covert starch into sugar and it became a blend type substance which sticks in the hollow canals of the teeth and cause cavities.

Carbonated drinks:

These drinks contain a lot of acids which cause tooth erosion. The sugar in these drinks comes in contact with bacteria and forms an acid which in turn causes tooth decay. The acids in the carbonated drink weaken the outer enamel, causing many issues. Discover ways to manage the effects of diet on dental health.


As many people think that ice is water so chewing is right but it’s not. Ice is a hard substance and chewing it can lose enamel and lead to many other problems such as broken teeth and loose crown. Chewing ice can increase the sensitivity of our teeth.

Sugar cereals:

Many people in the breakfast prefer cereals. Cereals contain sugar which is not healthy for teeth. The sugar in cereals cause gum disease. The sugar leads to plaque on teeth.

Food that are good for our teeth health:

There are some foods which are healthy for our tooth health such as:

Green vegetables

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and bok choy contains minerals and vitamins which are best for the teeth. It promotes dental health. It secures the tooth enamel and protects our teeth against acid. It fights against the grown bacteria in our mouth.

Lactose containing substances

Lactose containing substances are cheese, milk and yogurt. Cheese contains low sugar and high frequency of calcium. Due to calcium, it strengthens bone. Milk and yogurt also strengthen the teeth enamel.
Yogurt can also help in toothache. These lactose containing substances are healthy for our teeth.

Apples and pears

Apples are the mean of cleaning teeth. It excites the saliva flow which neutralizes the acid present in the mouth. Apple and pears also help in removing plaque as it contains malic acid which give assistance in removing plaque. Apples contain high number of fibers and water. Eating apple is just like brushing your teeth.


Almond has low frequency of sugar so; it is the best treat for the teeth. Almonds contain protein which do not cause cavities and plaque. If one wants to keep their teeth healthy, they should eat almonds. Many dentists recommend almond for healthy teeth.


It helps teeth to fight against harmful bacteria. Carrots contain advantageous vitamins which improves the health of teeth. Carrots strengthen the gums and teeth and are highly recommended by dentists. Carrot contains phosphorus which makes teeth stronger.

Dentists’ recommendation

Dentists recommend fluoride-containing toothpaste and advise brushing your teeth twice a day to stop the growth of germs. Brushing teeth twice a day is vital as it stops the bad smell of the mouth produced by the tiny particles left after meals. The tongue should not be neglected during brushing as it may produce a foul smell. People must visit their dentist at least once a year. Smoking badly affects the teeth, so it should be avoided. Sugar-containing products should be avoided.

Dental care

Practicing dental care from childhood to adulthood can help a person to maintain strong and heathy teeth. Avoiding al those food and smoking can help in maintain good health of teeth. Eating healthy food has great impact on teeth health. Eating healthy food ensures bright smile.

Importance of dental care:

We eat food by our mouth and if germs are present in our mouth, it is not good for our overall health. That’s why dental care is very important in this regard. Dental care contributes a lot in avoiding gums and teeth disease. Dental treatment is necessary for strong teeth.

Final Words

The secret is a harmonious equilibrium. Keeping your dental care is similar to having good overall wellness. It entails consuming a range of foods from all five of the major dietary groups as well as a lot of fluoridated drinks. Avoid eating anything that could damage your teeth. If you enjoy snacking, pick nutritious options like dairy products, fruit, or veggies. Eating meals together protects teeth more than consuming a lot of munchies throughout the day. Throughout eating, saliva production increases.

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