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Hassaan Dental Clinic

About Hassaan Dental Clinic is owned by Dr.Haris Mehmood, Who is an outstanding GOLD MEDALIST from Hamdard Medical College, an honor that was presented to him by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. He graduated in 2010 from Hamdard Medical College and won“The Best Graduate Award”. He has also undertaken multiple specialization courses from Agha Khan University. Dr. Haris Mehmood is a US-certified Facial Aesthetic Physician of the American Aesthetic Association and was awarded FICD in 2019. Dr. Haris is also known as The Youngest Implant Surgeon in Pakistan as he started placing Complex Dental Implants at the undergraduate level.

He has prior experience at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and has been the head of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at Civil Hospital Murree. Dr. Haris Mehmood has also worked as a research associate at Islamic International Medical College.

About Hassaan Dental Clinic

While also excelling in the fields of research, Dr. Haris Mehmood introduced the latest concepts in Dental treatment and invented his technique which he named, “Pulp Mummification Therapy” (PMT). It is an advanced dental technologythat relieves dental pain within minutes. PMT can be done in a single visit and the tooth remains healthy and alive eliminating the use of needles/files i.e. Root Canal Treatment. Whereas in the rest of the clinics, Root Canal Treatment is performed that requires painful needling into the roots of the tooth to make your tooth dead and deprived of blood supply which makes it a source of toxins for the whole body.

Moreover, Dr. Haris Mehmood has Introduced Basal Implants in Pakistan for the first time, where his patients get same-day teeth and full mouth implants within 72 hours. There is no need to perform complex procedures like bone grafting, sinus lifting, etc. It is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia without incisions as the procedure goes flapless. With these procedures, there is no need to wait for months to get your crowns/teeth over Implants as you receive your crown, bridge or full mouth rehabilitation within 72 hours.

Dr. Haris Mehmood is the owner of Hassaan Dental Clinic in Bahria Town Phase 8. In Hassaan Dental Clinic, the Safety of patients is the number one priority! Dr. Haris Mehmood introduced disposable Instruments for all of his patients providing a hygienic and safe environment for his patients. Shoe covers are mandatory in his surgeries to keep hygiene standards high. At Hassaan Dental Clinic, they use State-of-the-art Autoclaves to sterilize the metallic instruments and the rest of all instruments are disposable, so patients remain satisfied and confident while visiting the clinic.

We Create Smiles

In 2022, Dr. Haris Mehmood introduced digital workflow and converted his practice to Pakistan’s 1st Fully Digital Dental Practice by introducing Clinical CADCAM integrated with an Intra Oral Scanner for the first time in Pakistan. Before this non-clinical CADCAM and model scanners were being used. But, now at Hassaan Dental Clinic, they have established the most advanced and World’s no. 1 German technology (DentsplySironaCerec). It hasan integrated scan and milling setup with the capability of giving you crowns and bridges over the implant and teeth within 20 minutes. This is the most advanced innovation in Dentistry nowadays which now, which Dr. Haris Mehmood has introduced first time in Pakistan.

Dr. Haris Mehmood is an expert Cosmetic Dentist and Implantologist, and provides services such as braces and Invisalign, effectively replaces missing teeth with dental implants, bridges, and dentures (choosing the right solution according to each case), and performs cosmetic tooth bonding and veneers to brighten the outlook of stained, chipped teeth and does complete Smile Makeovers for a vivacious, dazzling smile. Treatment of caries and infected gums is done through multiple procedures such as Pulp Mummification by one of the best dentists in Rawalpindi and Islamabad i.e. Dr. Haris Mehmood.

Call us today at 051-5709090 or 0335-0600111 for information, or for booking an appointment.

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