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Unlocking the secret of tooth sensitivity: causes, symptoms and precautions

Teeth are blessings as they can help you in chewing and grinding food. They help you in the digestion of food as chew it into small pieces so it can be easily further processed in the stomach. you must take good care of your teeth because if it one’s get sensitive then you will not be able to chew hot or cold things. today’s generation is dealing with tooth sensitivity which is a great problem for teenagers as well as older people. Several causes cause tooth sensitivity and unable people to drink or eat hot and cold things.

Causes of teeth sensitivity:

Cracked teeth:

Cracked teeth expose the inner layer of the teeth and make it sensitive. When teeth or enamel is cracked it gets exposed to the bacteria and the bacteria can travel in it to cause pain and sensitivity. When your teeth are exposed and you eat food it activates the nerve which signals severe pain and sensitivity to hot and cold objects. You are also not able to eat sticky and acidic food as it can also trigger the sensitivity. 12% of the people in their lives always go through the teeth-sensitive phase of their life.

Brushing teeth aggressively:

Brushing teeth forcefully clean away the protective coat of the teeth and expose the dental canals. Therefore, hard brushes should not be used instead, you can use soft brushes. When the dental canals get exposed, they become sensitive to extreme temperature. When you drink tea, it causes a lot of pain that one cannot bear similarly, acidic and cold objects are also not taken easily by the teeth-sensitive person.

Eating acidic food:

If you are a tooth-sensitive person and still eat it will worsen your condition as acidic food can cause enamel erosion. It exposes the nerve pathways. Acidic food is not only good for teeth but also not well for the stomach. You must alter your diet if you are an acidic food eater. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem and its treatment is also not very expensive.

Sugary diet:

When you eat sugary products such as cookies, cakes, and candies you promote bacterial growth and thus the bacteria damage your enamel exposing your root canals. Once your root canals are exposed your sensitivity starts. Sugary intake must be in control because it is not good for your health.

Apart from the above causes, there are also many other causes of sensitivity of teeth. Done common symptoms of tooth decay are as below:

Symptoms of tooth sensitivity:

Many symptoms indicate the sensitivity of teeth. There is unexpected pain when you consume hot or cold objects. When you breathe through your mouth the cool air goes into your canals and triggers the pain. It is sharp shock pain of the nerve which is unbearable at that time. Teeth also pain when you forcefully touch it with your finger. Symptoms can range from mild pain to very uncomfortable pain. Pain can come and go and sometimes it worsens to an extreme level.

You may not feel pain in every tooth but there is a specific tooth that is exposed to sensitivity. Each tooth contains a crown and when the crown is eroded you feel sensitivity in that tooth. When your tooth’s dentin is exposed, it signals the brain to mediate pain. Sometimes teeth scaling and polishing can also cause tooth sensitivity.

Treatment of teeth sensitivity:


Desensitizing toothpaste:

This toothpaste can help block pain. It builds a protective barrier around the teeth and repels the pain from coming back. It gives protection to the cavities which is the main cause of the sensitivity of teeth. This toothpaste is the best option for those people who do not want to visit the dentist and are afraid of visiting them.

Root canal:

If your teeth sensitivity does not go away with other treatments and it worsens day by day then your dentist recommends the root canal which is the last but the most effective treatment. It is the most successful treatment as it eliminates teeth sensitivity.


Fluoride is applied to the sensitive parts of your teeth. It strengthens the tooth enamel and blocks the pain. The dentist prescribed fluoride to many patients to use it for the teeth sensitivity treatment. This is the best option for the teeth strengthening and reducing the sensitivity.


To prevent sensitivity, you must brush your teeth twice a day. Use a soft brush and use it gently. You should use fluoride toothpaste to keep your enamel strong. Do not grind your teeth as it will cause enamel erosion. You should also take a look at your diet and prevent acidic food. After eating acidic substances, you must drink water to balance it. These precautions are very important to follow to keep the teeth sensitivity away from you.

Final Words:

The treatment of tooth sensitivity is easy as well as inexpensive. Nowadays dentists are there to treat the patient with great care and treat them.

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