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How to remove black stains from teeth?

When we meet somebody, the first thing we notice in them is generally their smile. If there is something off about their smile or teeth, we do not really appreciate it. But what if somebody is going through a problem, and unable to maintain their oral health? There are different reasons why our teeth get issues.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove black stains from teeth. Before we jump into the solution, first we have to see the causes. To get all your teeth problems resolved, you can also visit Hassaan Dental.

What is the natural color of teeth?

It is supposedly said that the natural color of teeth is white. We are sorry to break it to you, but the natural color of teeth is not white. For the most part the natural color of teeth is yellowish. It mostly depends upon the translucent layer of enamel that decides the color of your teeth.

What makes the teeth black?

Coming to the next question, like why some people go through a phase of black teeth? There are quite a few reasons to that, and we will get to know about them below.

Tobacco and tea:

One of the major reasons why your teeth get black stains is because of excessive smoking of tobacco. The ingredients in tobacco make your teeth stained and turn them black. With that, the excessive use of tea or coffee also makes your teeth black.

Bad oral hygiene or plaque:

The second reason behind stained teeth is irregular oral hygiene. if you neglect your oral health, and get busy with unhygienic habit, the end result is stained teeth. However, when you do not brush your teeth properly, there can be an accumulation of bacteria or plaque that can make your teeth look black. Tooth decay can also be one of the reasons why your teeth get blackish.

Disorders or medications:

One reason that is not commonly known or believed is that there are a few disorders that can also make your teeth look black. Along with that, taking antibiotics or some other medication can also cause black teeth. Age is also one of the major contributors to making your teeth stained or black.
How to remove black stains from teeth?
We will now talk about how to get rid of the black stains and make your teeth shine bright again.

Find the root cause:

The first thing that you need to do is find the root cause. For example, if you have found that it is happening because of some disease, then first get rid of the disease. If you do not find the root cause and do not solve that problem, then nothing is going to help. First, find the root cause, get rid of it, and then get your teeth problems solved.

Scaling and cleaning:

After dealing with it, go find a good dentist. The extrinsic stains can easily be removed with the help of a good dentist. in this case, Hassan Dental is a great place to go and get your tooth-related problems solved. In the procedure of scaling, your dentist will you an instrument that will help in getting rid of the stains. It is also done with the use of vibrations through which the surface is smoothened.

Whitening or polishing:

For the extrinsic staining, you can get your usual scaling done. But, for the intrinsic staining, you will have to go with other procedures. For example, for intrinsic cleaning, you will have to get whitening done. These procedures can be done both by your dentist, as well as at home. With a dentist, you can get it done within no time through different procedures. When you are at home, you can get whitening strips to get rid of all the stains.

Decayed tooth:

In some cases, the stains either intrinsic or extrinsic cannot be removed because that is tooth decay. When the teeth are decayed they start to get black so you will have to get your teeth removed. After your teeth are removed then your dentist will help you with filling. The filling will fill the hole; he will then use any restorative material. When you will get rid of the decayed teeth, it will not get black again.


When you are trying to deal with a problem, it is important to find the main cause. If you do not find the main cause, the problem will never be solved. The same goes for all the diseases. If you want to get rid of diseases you need to find the main cause. Once you have dealt with the main cause, you can then solve the problem through other means.

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