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Think Before Tooth Extraction

Saving natural teeth is mostly a far healthier alternative to extraction. Implants, while being an indispensable tool to replace missing teeth, do not feel or function quite like the natural teeth. To retain teeth for a lifetime, brushing, flossing and regular check-ups with the dentist are important.

Oft times, however, teeth suffer trauma or decay, or periodontal (gum) disease resulting in a loss of supporting bone, and you might wonder whether extraction is necessary or if the tooth can be saved. In most cases, the tooth can be saved with treatment. Here are some of the primary causes leading to tooth decay:

          1. Foods high in sugar levels pose many health problems, and coupled with a lack of dental care, may cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is an infection caused by acid-producing bacteria.







      1. Plaque formed around the tooth can harden over time and assume the role of tartar. Tartar can cause gingivitis, a gum condition causing them to bleed frequently and swell.
      2. Trauma caused to a tooth as a result of some injury or accident can cause a tooth fracture. The extent of fracture decides if an Early diagnosis keeps the fracture from spreading and being untreatable.








In addition to merely harming the structure of teeth, these conditions can cause infection of the pulp tissue or “nerve” of the tooth. Mostly, the solution is to adapt to battle aggravated pulp infection by a  Root Canal Therapy.

the leading procedure at Hassaan Dental Clinic is far healthier: Pulp Mummification. This treatment should be the first choice in case of pulp infection, for health and cosmetic reasons. Pulp mummification is painless than a tooth extraction.

Even if they are not visible, their absence will still negatively impact the quality of life, cause bone atrophying and result in an older appearance, in addition to posing problems while eating and ruining your smile.

Reasons for saving natural teeth:

      1. If a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth may start to tilt towards the empty space, causing problems while chewing and cleaning, thus affecting the overall oral health. It also makes teeth appear crooked.
      2. Missing multiple teeth pose much difficulty in eating.
      3. Missing teeth affect speech.
      4. Facial structure alters as a result of tooth extraction.
      5.  This affects the gum tissue as well, posing greater problems in speech and eating.
      6. Bone atrophy also results in premature aging and the face looks caved in and older.







    • 7. Removing teeth can cause problems in the jaw joint, leading to eating problems in addition to persistent headaches and dizziness.
    • 8. Teeth realign due to space, and it may be such that opposing teeth (upper and lower) start to migrate outwards unless stopped by an opposing force, in a phenomenon called supra-eruption.


Tips for saving teeth:

  1. If your dentist advises tooth extraction, first inquire him of any alternative treatments to save it.

Saving teeth help maintain your natural smile and eat comfortably. With proper care, teeth can last a lifetime, Insha Allah.

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