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Is scaling of teeth painful?

Just like any other part of your body, your teeth also demand cleaning. Although it is a challenging part, but is an imperative step towards ultimate self-cleaning. When you are constantly devouring food, millions of bacteria reside inside your mouth. When these bacteria stay in the mouth for an extended period, they form a layer on your teeth. This layer is called the plaque.

To remove the plaque, different techniques are used. Similarly, with foods that you eat every day and do not properly clean, you get different gum diseases. To get rid of all these diseases, you need to get scaling done twice every year. The first question must be is scaling of teeth painful? Well, we will respond to that, but there are other things that you need to know first so, we will discuss them.

Why are teeth scaling a significant event?

The whole discussion gets us to the next point which is why is teeth scaling significant. Half the people around the world have gum diseases and they are unaware. When you want to get rid of the disease you have to hit the main source that is causing it. When the plaque is not cleaned consistently it starts to cause infections in your soft tissues. When this happens, the gums become extremely sensitive and tender.
When the plaque is not removed properly it falls on the gums and makes the gums swollen. When you go through the process of scaling regularly you can get rid of all these bacteria. When the source of infection is removed then the bacteria automatically remove.

What are the different types of scaling?

There are two different types through which scaling is done. We will discuss both types of scaling below.

Through metal tools:

The first type of scaling is done with the help of metal tools. These tools are called curette and dental scalers. The tools are used to scrape off your teeth below the gumline. The thing about plaque is that it is also not visible. It is determined with the help of the texture of your gum that makes your dentist decide on your teeth situation.

Ultrasonic instrument:

The second type of teeth scaling is the ultrasonic treatment. These are the vibrating tools that consist of tips made with metals along with some cool water. The tip along with the help of vibrations assists the dentist in teeth cleaning. The water stream is used to remove the build-up and also keeps the tip cooler.

Are teeth scaling painful?

After knowing all the details about teeth scaling, we come to the next question is teeth scaling painful or not?
When you are going into the deeper routes, no matter what the procedure is it is always somewhat painful. When the teeth are being cleaned, they are actually cleaned from deep inside. When the doctor is using the tools they are being touched with your gums. When the gums are touched with the tools, the vibrations hurt. They feel a little painful because the dentist is trying to get all the plaque removed.

So, by now, we all know that the procedure of teeth cleaning is painful. But, the real question is if it is as painful as it gets unbearable. Well, the answer to it is no. The procedure of cleaning is somewhat painful but the pain most definitely is not unbearable. Apart from that, if you think your pain threshold is low, and you cannot tolerate pain at all, you can talk to your dentist.

Before using any tools, it is done often that the dentist uses different types of numbing creams. These creams before the procedure completely numb the gums which does not hurt the gums a lot. Before getting any procedure done you should also tell the doctor about your prescribed medications for all the safety measures.

How often should you get scaling done?

If you want to keep your gums safe, you must be thinking of how often should you get your scaling done. The answer to it is really simple which is twice a year. Every six months getting scaling done means removing all the plaque from your teeth. But, it is also said that getting your scaling done more than twice a year can also damage your teeth. So, the appropriate timing for getting scaling done is twice a year.


Just like all the other hygiene, it is important to keep your oral hygiene intact too. When you do not take care of your oral hygiene, you are not keeping any other things of your health safe. So, it is better to keep getting your teeth checked by visiting your dentist regularly. This will save you from a lot of problems and will also save you from severing any condition.

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