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How to Cure Gum Disease Without a Dentist?

The most asked question is HOW TO CURE GUM DISEASE WITHOUT A DENTIST? There are many remedies through which you can cure your gum disease without visiting your dentist. Gum disease is a very common disease. It happens when there is plaque accumulation around your gums. This plaque causes redness and pain in the gums. When there are bacteria in the mouth, they cause tissue damage and lead to gum disease. When gum disease is untreated it can lead to tooth loss. Treating gum disease is very essential as it affects your oral health.
There are many symptoms of gum disease such as redness, bleeding and pain. There are many remedies that you can use to treat your gum disease. Without going to the dentist, you can cure your gum disease by following these steps:

Green tea and honey:

Green tea has antioxidants that help in reducing the inflammation around gums. The polyphenol in green tea slows down the growth of bacteria which causes plaque in the mouth. The more you drink green tea the more your gums will be healthy. Green tea decreases the bacteria in your mouth. Gum bleeding is also reduced by drinking green tea. Along with green tea organic honey is also very useful as it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Using honey in morning as well as in evening can be really helpful


Saltwater is the best solution for gum disease. The salt helps to heal inflamed gums. It is the best disinfectant. Saltwater removes the plaque from your teeth. In pain, it gives relief to the person. Saltwater removes debris from the mouth and also the food particles which sometimes cause pain. Rinsing your mouth with salt water is the best way to reduce inflammation. Saltwater cannot permanently fix the problem but for the time being, it can give relief to the person.

Drinking plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water cures gum diseases. Water washes away the food particles and the bacteria from the mouth. At least 8 glasses of water should be drunk in a day. Drinking water is very useful as it keeps your mouth clean. The cavity-eating bacteria loves to eat the food particles and cause cavities to stop this we should drink water to wash away the food particles.

Do not smoke:

If you want healthy gum you must quit smoking. Smoking not only causes disease but also reduces the effect of treatment. Apart from gum disease smoking cause mouth cancer as well. People who smoke must visit their dentist to keep their teeth healthy and if you don’t want to visit the dentist you must stop smoking. The immune system gets very weak and loses the ability to fight gum diseases. The more you smoke the more you will be exposed to gum diseases as well as the treatment will also not work.

Using anti-bacterial toothpaste:

If you want to fight your plaque you should use anti-bacterial toothpaste. This toothpaste helps to neutralize the acidic environment. if you do not brush your teeth the left-over food particles will reactivate your bacteria and the gum disease will worsen. Along with toothpaste usage of mouthwash is also very useful. This toothpaste can help in reducing gum bleeding as well.

Turmeric paste:

Research shows that using turmeric is very good for oral health. In many curry dishes, turmeric is used which is anti-inflammatory. It has anti-microbial action which helps a lot. Turmeric creates an environment in which bacteria do not grow. Taking it in food is more effective as compared to taking it as an oral supplement.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is most effective against bacteria. It neutralizes the acid and bacteria which cause inflammation. It brightens your smile as well as reduces inflammation. You can make a paste of baking soda which is very effective to be used. Sodium bicarbonate is an effective anti-oxidant. Baking soda has been used for decades by people for the treatment of their gum disease. By removing plaque, it gives relief to the person and reduces their pain. The risk of plaque decreases when you use baking soda and when plaque does not occur so risk of gum disease also decreases.

Finishing words:

When you are diagnosed with gum disease you always think HOW TO CURE GUM DISEASE WITHOUT A DENTISIT?. So, these remedies will help them to cure their gums. By following these you can reduce your pain. These remedies have been used by many people for decades. They are really helpful in gum diseases. Many people are afraid of going to their dentists for those people these remedies are the best. Gum diseases are very painful and also the bleeding occurs in this case. To stop the bleeding and pain these remedies are best to be used.

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