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Light-Activated Tooth Whitening System

Brighten your smile and make it more seemly with Light-activated Tooth Whitening System, to lighten the shade of your teeth and give them a healthy shine.

Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Now, a beautiful dazzling smile is no longer a fantasy for you. Take a step to feel great and make a pleasant impression every second you smile. Want to enjoy the prettiest smile? To fulfill the dream of brightening your smile with an advanced teeth whitening system, ultraviolet teeth whitening system, hence we are having the best professional teeth whitening system available in our clinic.

Best Professional Teeth Whitening System

Hassan Dental Clinic which is the best dental in Islamabad and Rawalpindi provides you reliable, long-lasting and reasonable treatment for brightening your teeth. Your smile is our first priority. To enhance confidence and renew smile is our motto.

Visit us to shine and lighten the shade of your teeth by an advanced teeth whitening system, best teeth whitening system, ultraviolet teeth whitening system in a hygienic, safe and friendly environment. Hence we offer special discounts on ultraviolet teeth whitening system which is an advanced teeth whitening system and also the best professional teeth whitening system in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Ultraviolet Teeth Whitening System

Our Ultraviolet teeth whitening system consists of natural and pure ingredients which have no side effect on your teeth even after many years. Gel we use is made in the USA. Hence products are very safe in use and genuine, cause no harm and damage to the teeth and give instant whitening results.

Teeth whitening system is getting cheaper, resulting in a lot of harmful methods dangerous for the teeth and hurt the clients at some dental clinics. However, poor quality teeth whitening treatment also cause damage your teeth permanently, So it is a very important decision of our lives.

Our services are 100 percent quality guaranteed. Our patients get instant results. Moreover, we also satisfy the customers by giving them the most effective whitening treatments at a very low cost.

New Teeth Whitening System

Teeth turn yellow due to age. Because of aging factor, the inner part of teeth which we call as dentin gets darker and reflects through enamel, make teeth seem yellowish-brown.

So it can be cured only through an effective ultraviolet whitening system.no amount of stain-removing toothpaste can lighten the intrinsic color of the tooth.No whitening toothpaste can remove intrinsic particles of the teeth.

Sometimes the teeth also get stained when you drink tea, coffee, smoke tobacco extensively. Hence it causes the outer enamel to turn yellow, but not damage the inner part, we call it “staining”. We can easily remove it by polishing or mild whitening toothpaste.


  • Whitening treatment can apply only on healthy teeth. If you have gum diseases, rough cavities, exposed roots or any other severe problem to your teeth, then whitening treatment will cause you pain and results in a further infection to the tooth. So an expert dentist can only recommend according to your tooth condition. First, fix your these infections then go for whitening treatments.
  • Whitening of teeth does not last forever. Results maximum last up to 2 years. It depends on yourself how you are maintaining and taking care of your teeth after taking a whitening treatment. Moreover, for long lasting results, you should also take care of your diet rich in certain nutrients which are healthy for your teeth.
  • The better you care of your teeth, the greater will be the results. So brush the teeth regularly by the toothpaste recommended by the dentist. Use least chemical reactive toothpaste.
  • Do not try whitening treatment at home by yourself. Sometimes it can cause nausea or vomiting. But this case is very rare.
  • Too much whitening treatments can cause damage your teeth permanently. So do not take it on regular basis. You can get after six months gap or as recommended by the dentist.
  • You will get the whitening treatment in small sessions. It is not a one-day treatment. You have to visit the dentist for about half an hour each time. Moreover, if you need urgent whitening of teeth, then consult us to get a recommendation about whitening of your teeth.

Follow us to get special offers on our dental treatments. We are having the best teeth whitening system, ultraviolet teeth whitening system, best professional teeth whitening system at most affordable rates. We are here and happy to serve you to resolve your issues related to your teeth.