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What are the reasons for gum bleeding?

Have you ever felt pain in your gums and experienced bleeding when you brush your teeth? Bleeding gum is a common disease. When teeth are not cleaned regularly plaque is formed and deposited on the gums and becomes harder. Then, it leads to gum bleeding. It is an awkward and painful stage of gums in which your gums become swollen, and there is puffiness around them. Gums become darker than their normal color. This also causes bad breath. There are many reasons behind it. 

 When you consult with your dentists, you are diagnosed with a tooth disease Gingivitis. To treat these teeth scaling and polishing is the best option.   

Reasons of gum bleeding:                                               

In  this blog, we will discuss some causes of gum bleeding:


The main cause of gum bleeding is gingivitis. In this disease, a plaque is not removed during brushing and piled up on the gums. It provokes gum bleeding, and prolonged causes tooth loss and many other tooth diseases.


Excessive use of some medicines like blood-thinning medications can cause gum bleeding. Because they decrease the ability of blood clotting thus, cause gums to bleed. In this situation, you should consult with a physician. 

Vitamin deficiency:

Each vitamin in the human body is responsible for some specific task. Such as vitamin C helps strengthen our teeth and gums, and when it is deficient in our diet then, it leads to many gum problems. Vitamin K is also essential for the healing of gum diseases, and its deficiency increases the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. Some research also shows that vitamin B12 is good for the better health of teeth and gums. 

Poor dental hygiene:

Poor dental hygiene is one of the main causes of gum bleeding. Dental health is important for the overall well being of a body. Regular brushing teeth or using mouthwash cleans your teeth and mouth deeply and maintains your dental health. But if you leave your teeth uncleaned bacteria grow on the gum line and form a plaque that stays longer and causes problems like bleeding gum and bad breath. To suppress these problems teeth scaling and polishing is a good choice for a patient.

Excessive stress:

Overexposure to stress can cause many teeth-related problems. Stress can cause bacterial infection to occur more rapidly and decrease the coagulation process, which disrupts dental health. Stress leads to many problems like gum bleeding, discoloration, and tooth decay. 

Calcium deficiency:

Calcium is essential for teeth and bones. The purpose of calcium is to protect the outer part of teeth and strengthen the inner part of teeth. Its deficiency weakens the teeth and cannot fight the gum inflammation that causes gum bleeding whenever you brush your teeth. 


Leukaemia also causes gum bleeding. In this condition, the platelet count in the blood becomes reduced. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting. Due to diminished platelets, blood clotting is minimised, and causes gums to bleed. These patients also suffer from many other teeth problems. In this case, sufferers should visit dentists regularly to cope with these challenges.  

Overuse of sweets:

Eating too much sugary food causes gum infection and weakens the teeth. Sugar and sticky foods stay for a longer period in the mouth. They give space to bacteria to grow at a much faster rate. The defensive action becomes powerless and leads to gum inflammation and tooth loss. It is recommended to floss your mouth right after eating sweets or chewy foods to reduce the risk of cavities. 


During diabetes type 1 and 2 disease, swelling and gum bleeding are common signs. Due to high blood sugar levels, it becomes difficult for the mouth to defeat bacterial infections. Then, they grow at a faster rate and make the gum condition worse. 

Eating processed foods:

There are large amounts of chemicals added to food during processing which are harmful to dental health and cause gum bleeding. Processed food contains starches that stick to the gums and if left unchecked then, they cause gum infection and many other dental problems.

Hormone imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy also induces some changes in the teeth. These continuous fluctuations in hormones cause bacteria to grow in the gum and ultimately cause gum bleeding and soreness. In this condition, doctors’ medication is very helpful. 


Gum bleeding is a major problem nowadays. But many processes like teeth scaling and polishing are very useful to get rid of it. If you are encountering gum bleeding, you should immediately visit your dentist to know the cause behind it. It will be beneficial in quick treatment. By quitting bad dental habits you can manage issues of gum bleeding. Neglecting such minor problems puts you at a greater risk of getting more dangerous tooth diseases. It is good to stop the problem until it gets fatal.

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