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At our dental clinic in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, we are committed to vitalizing your smile by ensuring healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Haris Mehmood, is a US certified, expert dental surgeon, a gold medalist and the youngest implantologist of Pakistan.

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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Dental Checkup and X-rays

Our skilled dentists, at Hassaan Dental Clinic, provide dental checkups and detailed consultations. We make sure to find the exact cause of the patient’s complaint to provide him with the best treatment available. A dental check-up enables us to determine whether you have any dental issues and assist you in maintaining oral health.It’s best to deal with issues as soon as they arise or, prevent them altogether because problems that go untreated could become more challenging to manage in the future.

At Hassaan Dental Clinic, we ensure to carry out your dental examination in a way that is soothing and comfortable. We are aware that some people avoid going to the dentist because of dental phobia. If this is the case and you do have a cavity, we will treat your tooth gently and cautiously so that we can take care of your dental health issues without making you feel any worse.

To reach the perfect diagnosis, we take dental X-rays. These radiographs help us find problems that a visual examination might miss. They aid in the early detection of conditions like dental decay, infection, gum disease, bone loss, and undetectable tooth cracks.

Pulp Mummification Therapy

Pulp Mummification Therapy is an advanced technique alternative to Root Canal. In comparison to conducting a root canal, it is significantly more efficient and hassle-free. The purpose of pulp mummification is to utilize a mummifying agent to remove the inflammation from the inflammatory pulp. This therapy allows your tooth to be alive and healthy while also being pain-free.

What happens in root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure for removing the inflamed pulp. After disinfecting and cleaning the internal surfaces of the tooth, a filling is next applied to close the opening. A pulp is important to keep a tooth vital. So, if the pulp is removed from the tooth, it becomes non-vital i.e. your tooth becomes dead.

What is pulp mummification therapy?

Pulp mummification therapy allows your tooth to be vital i.e. alive and healthy. Pulp mummification agent involves analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic medication. This medication is placed in the pulp chamber and the tooth is sealed with a permanent filling. Pulp mummification therapy relieves soreness, pain, and discomfort in your tooth.

By having Pulp Mummification only the coronal part of the tooth is deprived of its pulp and sealed so that bacteria do not enter the pulp through the oral cavity. Unlike root canal treatment, pulp mummification leaves the tooth vital and not dead. It receives blood flow, and nutrients and responds to antibiotics. Even more convenient is the fact that it requires a single visit, as opposed to multiple visits required in root canal treatment. Depending on the condition of the tooth, a crown may be needed to support the compromised tooth structure.

Why is pulp mummification therapy better than Root Canal therapy?

Pulp mummification therapy is a relatively simple and easy technique than Root Canal therapy. In Root Canal Therapy, your tooth becomes deprived of pulp i.e. it becomes dead. Moreover, a dead tooth releases toxins that can be harmful to other parts of the body. Whereas, Pulp mummification therapy allows your tooth to stay alive but also pain-free. The procedure is done in half the time and the patient returns home with a satisfactory result. So, why make your tooth dead when you can save it?

White Dental Fillings

After we eliminate tooth decay, dental fillings are used to restore a part of the tooth. If your tooth is carious, damaged, or chipped off during an accident, it needs a filling. Dentists, at Hassaan Dental Clinic, ensure the aesthetic concern of the patients. We use Composite or GIC fillings which are retentive as well as tooth-colored, unlike conventional amalgam fillings. If you have tooth decay or a chipped-off tooth, no need to worry as we are here to restore it in the best possible way!

Scaling and Polishing

Oral hygiene maintenance is a very important part of our life. Even if you brush and floss regularly, some food particles might get trapped in areas where a toothbrush cannot reach them. Food impaction leads to plaque (a soft layer of bacteria, food, and saliva) and later on, calculus (hard deposits). It can damage your teeth as well as your gums. This is why scaling is important!Scaling and polishing clean your teeth preventing gum disease and making your teeth stain-free.


Plaque and calculus deposits are removed softly and without damaging your teeth using specialized tools. The ultrasonic scaler employs vibrations to remove stains and break up tartar that has solidified and adheres to teeth and between teeth. Debris is also washed away with water spray. It is a painless procedure providing you with clean/healthy teeth and gums.


After scaling, polishing is typically done to eliminate stains and give teeth a smooth, shining feel. A polishing brush and paste are used to give your teeth a much smoother and shiny look.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction is a procedure of removing the tooth from its socket. At Hassaan Dental Clinic, we try our best to save your tooth with fillings, crowns, or other treatments. But, sometimes the damage is too severe to save a tooth. In such cases, we perform tooth extractions. Our skilled and experienced doctors, at Hassaan Dental Clinic, perform extractions with utmost perfection. The patient is given local anesthesia and then the tooth is extracted pain-free and with the least discomfort. Afterward, our dentists provide post-extraction instructions so that the patient feels relaxed and anxiety free even after extraction.

We also provide Cosmetic Dentistry service