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Attack by plaque? What to do to fight back!

Have you ever been the victim of an attack by plaques? There are many reasons for plaque attacks. Plaque is thin and made up of constant deposition of sticky substances on the teeth. The bacteria present in the food, and the saliva play a role in nutrition for the bacteria living in the plaque and make it harder and difficult to remove. Pulp mummification therapy is a good option to resolve this problem. 

Attack by plaques takes less than 24 hours to become noticeable. Bacterial growth can be diminished to stop the attack of plaque. Plaques are not visible, but they give you sensations through which you can feel a harder mass inside your teeth. If this stays longer on your teeth it will damage your tooth’s enamel and will lead to tooth decay and permanent tooth loss.

Causes of plaque attack:

When there is overconsumption of sweets and acidic food, a large amount of acid is produced by the bacteria residing in the plaque. This acid damages the outer layer of the tooth called enamel. Then, the risk of cavities is increased. If plaque is not removed and continuously pilling up, it will form a harder mass called tartar. This tartar is difficult to remove and is the root of many dental diseases. To treat these problems you can get pulp mummification therapy.

Although plaque attacks are nontoxic to humans, if you leave them unchecked, then they will cause problems in the teeth. It is the leading cause of many tooth-related problems like tooth decay, discoloration, tooth loss, bad breath, gingivitis, periodontitis, and bleeding gums. 


Plaque attack is a severe dental problem because it will induce a lot of dental diseases in your mouth. Some of them are discussed below:


When the gums become swollen due to the plaque formations then, a disease occurs called gingivitis. If this condition is prolonged and you will not take care of it then it will lead to many other severe disorders too. Pulp mummification therapy can be a good option to get rid of these discomforts.


This is a chronic stage of tooth disease. In it, the soft tissues surrounding the teeth become infected. It causes a lot of destruction in dental health. If this is not treated on time, then it will destroy the bones supporting the teeth. It will lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. But there are a lot of treatments that can treat these disorders.


Healthy diet:

If you want to save yourself from plaque attacks, you should take care of your diet. Avoid eating gummy, sugary, and sticky foods. Because they stick to your mouth attach to the gums and build plaques. Start eating healthy food friendly to your mouth and teeth. For this, you should consult with your nutritionist. Also adopt the habit of chewing non-sugar gums after the food, so the sticky food that is left in your mouth will wash out the mouth deeply with the increased flow of saliva.

Daily brushing and flossing:

Regular brushing and flossing help save the teeth from plaque deposition. Use fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day to get rid of the plaque. So they will no longer grow and make tartar. Flossing is a good way to wash your mouth deeply and clean your mouth and teeth. These techniques will prevent plaque attacks. 

Use mouth rinse:

Bacteria are the leading cause of plaque formation. So firstly we should stop bacterial growth in the mouth to get rid of plaque attacks. Rinse your mouth regularly with mouth rinse. This will help you clean your mouth to stop plaque formation. It will kill bacteria and germs present in the mouth.

Mouthrinse is made up of chemical compounds that offer optimal cleanliness to maintain healthy, shiny, and strong teeth. They help you get rid of decay, and make your gums solid with regular use.

Visit dentist:

Your dental health is as important as your general health. So to take good care of it, you should visit your dentist regularly. If you are suffering from some tooth-related disease then it will be cured as early as possible and maintain your dental health.

You would be wondering, how dental visits make a difference, but in reality, it has a significant impact. Dentists are the professional bodies, and it is their job to offer all the help regarding the removal of plagues, and optimal care of your teeth.


Plagues are the enemies of your teeth, attacking the gums and making it difficult to chew and to bear cold and hot temperatures. They can affect the normal functions of your teeth by blocking your way. 

However, if you want to get rid of them or manage them technically the solution lies in Pulp Mummification Therapy, regular brushing, and routine dentist visits. For more clarification, and guidance on this matter, contact Hassan Dental, a trusted dental platform. 


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