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At our dental clinic in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, we are committed to vitalizing your smile by ensuring healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Haris Mehmood, is a US certified, expert dental surgeon, a gold medalist and the youngest implantologist of Pakistan.

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Pulp Mummification Therapy (PMT)

Pulp Mummification Therapy (PMT)

Pulp Mummification

Pulp mummification is an alternative technique that is used in place of the Root canal. It is much more effective and hassles free than performing a root canal.  The meaning of pulp mummification action is to use any mummifying agent mainly Formocresol to mummifying the inflamed pulp so that it can be free of inflammation.

The pulp mummification therapy involves some certain procedures. The procedure of pulp mummification is to leave the infected pulp inside and attached to the body.

Pulp Mummification Therapy

Pulp mummification is a relatively new method opposed to root canals. In this therapy, we enable your teeth to stay healthy. Pulp mummification in dentistry procedure ensures that the affected teeth are still functional working.

In the pulp mummification in dentistry treatment, we use a collaboration of antibiotics and other types of medication. You will get a great relief after the therapy. Pulp mummification in dentistry indications is mainly soreness.

If the area around the teeth or the pulp have constant soreness it is a clear-cut indication that the therapy is not entirely successful and it needs further treatment of the infected pulp hence pulp mummification procedure might have to be repeated again.

Pulp Mummification Indication

Pulp mummification indication therapy uses a simple technique. Root canal, despite numerous scientific advancements, has failed to clean the teeth of all the diseased pulp. Pulp mummification indication process in which we make your teeth covered with an I flamed pulp.

Although your teeth can leak. Moreover, this leakage in the teeth may cause an infection. Its indication ensures this doesn’t happen. We can perform the root canal procedure. The remaining pulp can be mummified or necrotizing using a necrotizing agent which will be used as a dressing for the wound ensuring that the deceased pulp still remains attached but it can not leak and infect other areas of the teeth.

Pulp mummification Meaning.

Pulp mummification meaning is the idea that revolves around the concept of keeping the infected pulp coated in the mouth. In the root canal therapy, we use this technique originally. Whenever you go for a root canal therapy the procedure starts by drilling a hole through the infected teeth. Moreover, we seal and repack your teeth. This way the infection can spread to more than one teeth.

Even if the infection is not spreading. There is a high chance for you to swallow those vile things which are in one way or another very harmful for you.

It is very necessary to ensure that the infection avoids spreading.

Mummification In Dentistry 

Nowadays there is a further improvement that is being implemented in the dental world. This new technique involves around using pulp mummification therapy to help save the wounded teeth in order to save that teeth. The unique method of pulp mummification meaning is to saves the teeth to such an extent that it is responsive to antibiotics. That means that the antibiotics that you are eating.

What happens in a root canal surgery? That teeth of yours will not respond to antibiotics. Any antibiotics you eat will go totally unaffected to it whereas after a pulp mummification procedure. Even if you happen to eat antibiotics. That is that for example if your teeth are paining and you happen to have antibiotics intake. If after a root canal surgery that inflamed teeth will still pain even after medication whereas if you happen to have performed the therapy.

This indication is a very beneficial and healthy process as it saves your teeth and also allows it to have its feelings. Thus making it a better alternative and a good ending for the root canal surgery because of the health factors.