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At our dental clinic in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, we are committed to vitalizing your smile by ensuring healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Haris Mehmood, is a US certified, expert dental surgeon, a gold medalist and the youngest implantologist of Pakistan.

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Basal Implants

Basal Implants

Basal Implants

The Latest technique of Fixed Teeth Replacement now in Pakistan

In the civilized era where science and technology have deepened their roots in every field of life, things are changing rapidly making one’s life comfortable and creating easy opportunities. Similarly, prosthetic dentistry has brought an innovation in fixed teeth replacement; that is a latest technique of fixed teeth replacement by basal implants in Pakistan.

Basal implant fixed teeth replacement now in Pakistan is an amazing good news for those who want to replace single unit (one) or multiple unit (more than one) teeth or even full mouth fixed teeth replacement. Basal implant fixed teeth replacement is an easy opportunity for young adults and old patients since it is an immediate conservative (less surgical) procedure which doesn’t require multiple visits and months for the teeth replacement, like in conventional implants which require multiple visits, surgeries and long time (months) for teeth replacement.

Most of the patients who has bone deficient due to trauma, gum disease or any other bone disease could not go for conventional implant supported fixed teeth replacement without bone grafting (artificial bone placement) but basal Implants facilitate those patients too, as basal implants are successfully placed in trauma patients with deficient bone, patients with bone pathology and atrophic bone without any artificial bone placement or any additional surgical procedures so this way basal implants have reduced the treatment cost by eliminating artificial bone placement and thus has reduced the surgical burden to patient.

The incidence of losing teeth by cavities increases as one grows older. Most of the people loss more than one tooth by the age of 50-60 years. This age is characterized by decrease ability to learn and memorize new things, decrease ability to maintain good dental hygiene because of decrease ability of hands to perform certain tasks. This preceding old age is terrible and uncomfortable so people look towards more comfortable options of teeth replacement which do not demand learning and practicing new things. They want permanent or fixed solution to their lost teeth which must be comfortable, esthetically pleasing and efficient in chewing all types of food they need to fulfill their nutrition and taste cravings.

Latest basal Implants are for sure a permanent and comfortable solution of teeth replacement. They do not need to wear on eating and removing on sleep time like to do with dentures or removable teeth. They are fixed teeth replacement technique so people get free from the burden of wearing, removing and keeping them in a safe box to avoid breaking like have to do with dentures. Once these fixed basal Implants are placed eating efficiency is excellent of a patient and no worries of looseness while eating.

Basal Implants are actually tooth screws that are placed in the hardest part of the bone and take support from that part of bone. Basal Implants are placed in basal cortical part of the bone which is strong and stress bearing area and can be immediately loaded with teeth, so patient immediately get the teeth replacement, this eliminates the patient from going through the compromised phase of without teeth.

Basal Implants have advantage that they can be placed in deficient bone so there is no need to place artificial bone as have to place artificial bone in conventional or classic Implants if the bone is deficient in height and width.

Basal Implant procedures are less invasive and less painful as there is no need of additional surgical procedures like bone grafting and sinus lift. Basal Implants are superior on conventional Implants as they are immediate solution of fixed teeth replacement because in basal Implants fixed teeth are placed by 72 hours of implant placement. However, in conventional Implants patients have to wait for 3-4 months after this time fixed teeth replacement is done. As basal Implants rehabilitate the patient by 72 hours so patients does not have to go for multiple visits thus reducing the number of visits and total cost in terms of time and surgical procedures.

Most of the patients question about the success of basal Implants in patients with diabetes, smoking, gum disease and other medical conditions. Basal Implants are successful in patients with diabetes, smokers and those who have severe periodontal disease (a bacterial dental disease involving gums and bone causing significant bone loss) so basal Implants can be placed in atrophic (deficient) bone.

Basal Implants have smooth surface so allow less bacterial adherence so there are less chances of bacterial contamination, inflammation and failure of implant, this increase the success of basal implant fixed teeth replacement.

Basal Implants work on the principle of osseo-fixation ( a process in which implant is firmly held in the cortical bone) on the other hand, the classic Implants which work on principle of osseointegration ( a process which depends on developing a firm connection between bone and implant) this requires a healing period and thus delays the fixed teeth replacement for months.

Immediate loading Basal Implants are used for replacement of single (one) teeth and multiple (more than two) teeth.

Immediate loading basal Implants are used in cement retained fixed upper and lower dentures so basal Implants has advantage of immediate full mouth rehabilitation or immediate full mouth fixed teeth replacement as they can be placed in extraction sockets as we as in healed bone.
Basal bone is dense and is less prone to resorption and infection this increases the success rate of basal implant.

Hence, it is concluded that basal Implants are long lasting and immediate solution for fixed teeth replacement of single or multiple unit teeth and in cases of full mouth rehabilitation.

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